January 17, 2017



Marjory B.

Marjory came to Ocean Point after her third back surgery. Watch to hear how her treatment has trained her to better support her back, allowing her to feel more comfortable and confident in daily life.

Jill H. 

Jill came in with a left ankle sprain that made her feel like she can never play sports again. Watch to see how her treatment at Ocean Point changed that perspective.

Pam S.
Watch to find out what Pam has to say about Ocean Point after receiving physical therapy treatment for both her back and knee.

Tim H.
Watch to see what he has to say about his treatment at Ocean Point Physical Therapy with therapist Carol Council.

Get a glimpse of the things happening around the clinic.

Quadruped Hip Extension 

Arm Circles and Leg Circles Combination

Half Kneeling Lunge 

Pilates Exercises #1 w/ PT Carol

WundaChair Triceps

WundaChair Lunges

TRX Lunges